Dental Implants

If dentures are frustrating you then dental implants might be the right decision for you. In a years time or so Dr. Toubian can get you settled with a permanent set of teeth. The best candidates for this treatment have a healthy status, the correct bone structure and healthy gums. There are a few factors that may work against you becoming a candidate for this such as smoking, systematic diseases or if you are prone to clenching your jaw.

Dental implants are surgically placed teeth. A post will be surgically placed into your jawbone to hold a bridge or the replacement tooth in place. The benefits of this is that the implant does not need to rely on the stability of another tooth and cannot move which can be a problem for some with dentures. The bridge is made of bone such as ceramic which is suitable to be in your body.

With the different types of dental implants such as Endosteal Implants which are surgically placed into your jawbone or  Subperiosteal Implants which are on a metal frame and placed within your gum line Dr Toubian and her staff can walk you through which process would be the best for you ensuring you understand the dental treatment completely before continuing.

If dental implants are something you are interested in Veneers of Los Angeles can assist you in your needs.